The Extra Day

Posted on 2/3/2020 10:34:00 AM

 by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President

...30 days has September,...

Every four years, ‘Leap’ years, we get an extra day added to our calendars.  Now we could debate why we receive February 29 as opposed to June 31, but that’s been decided long ago.  There likely was a good reason…maybe.


Anyway, the question posed becomes, ‘what are you going to do with your extra day in 2020’?  I have given this some thought and I have a few possibilities for consideration.


·         I began with the notion of taking the day off.  Then I noted that it is already a Saturday so no need. 


·         I thought about having a special birthday party for those folks who only get birthdays every four years.  Then I realized that when they are in their old age they will still only technically be in their 20s.  That seems like gift enough.  I also suspect that these people may ‘cheat’ and have birthdays every year, maybe on February 28.  I only know one February 29 birthday person anyway.


·         With it being a Saturday, maybe I will do something special, something I don’t usually do?  Not sure what that might be but it would not include regular Saturday items like laundry, cleaning, etc.


·         Maybe I can find a ‘Leap Year Party’ someplace?  That would be different.  I could host one, but that would be work and not something to arrange for on myextra day.


·         I could sleep in that morning as a start.  Doesn’t seem all that special though.


·         Maybe I will take my extra day as it comes and do no special planning for it at all.


I will just pretend it’s June 31st like it should be.