And Now We Have...

Posted on 1/2/2020 2:53:00 PM

 by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President

...a month to celebrate!

Every new year begins with a January.  It’s usually cold, maybe snowy sometimes, a bit dull (especially right after New Year’s.)  But a closer look at January reveals a host of interesting, daily, events that just might surprise you.  For example:


-          January 1 is ‘National Hangover Day’ (not a big shock)


-          January 3 is ‘Fruitcake Toss Day’


-          January 7 is ‘Old Rock Day’ (not sure if there is a ‘New Rock Day’)


-          January 12 is ‘National Pharmacist Day’


-          January 15 is ‘National Bagel Day’


-          January 16 is ‘National Nothing Day’ (go figure)


-          January 19 is ‘National Popcorn Day’


-          January 23 is ‘National Pie Day’


-          January 24 is ‘Compliment Day’ (you’ll look good)


-          January 26 is ‘Spouses Day’


-          January 28 is ‘Fun at Work Day’ (isn’t it always)


-          January 28 is also ‘National Kazoo Day’ (helps the fun at work)


-          January 31 is ‘Backward Day’


Now, I know that every month has its special days, but in January we need every reason we can find to celebrate.  After all, it is still weeks until spring.  Weeks.


I wonder if there is a ‘National Gloom Day’?