'Baby You Can Drive My Car...'

Posted on 8/6/2018 9:31:00 AM

 by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President

...Beep! Beep!

Not sure why, but recently I was thinking back to growing up and taking car rides.  Way back then sometimes my parents would load us up on a Sunday afternoon and ‘just go for a ride’.  Other times, visits to relatives or special occasions would also lead to such ‘rides’. 


That thinking led me to the games we would play sometimes to pass the time.  You may have others, but here is what I remembered:


·         In an hour, how many different state license plates could you spot?


·         In an hour, which make of car did you see the most?  (Actually, I did this recently and Toyota won by just a bit over Ford.)


·         In an hour, how many different animals did you identify?  (This one was helped if you were riding in the country.)


·        Starting with the letter ‘A’, find a word starting with that letter and go on through the alphabet.  As I recall, there was great joy when a Quaker Oil or Quaker Oats sign was found and ‘X’ was a REAL problem.  (There are not a lot of signs for xylophones.)  ‘Z’ was always tough but not impossible.


·         Be the first to decipher a vanity license plate.  This can be harder than it seems.


·         In an hour, what car color do you see the most?  (Hint…it’s likely to be silver/grey.)


·         In an hour, which college/university bumper or window stickers do you find most often?


As I recall, we played some of these games a lot.  Now, of course, you have your phones, wi-fi, television and what not all.


One last thing though…sometimes we actually took in the scenery.  Those ‘Burma-Shave’ displays were ‘cool’!